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Community Initiatives

Family Promise understands the complexity of homelessness. We offer innovative programs such as tenancy education, financial literacy, and virtual career pathway training to address them in a cost-effective, targeted approach.

Collaboration is Key in Our Success!

Tackling issues such as poverty and affordable housing; two key factors affecting a housing crisis, requires innovative solutions and community support. Community Initiatives are born out of collaboration and our ability to pivot quickly to meet our communities' needs. Some get to the heart of core needs families face in order to regain self-sufficiency, such as education and job training. Other initiatives find ways to match the strengths of local volunteers and the interests of local corporations with the needs of our guests to provide for basic necessities and community projects.  Similarly, many initiatives build off core tenets of the Family Promise Program itself, leading to community efforts such as creating affordable housing and strengthening landlord relationships. 

Keys to Good Tenancy

In 2020, Family Promise of Brevard and the Space Coast Association of REALTORS Foundation launched Keys to Good Tenancy, a responsive curriculum that provides families with the knowledge and skills to be good tenants. The curriculum prepares new renters for tenancy by addressing a broad spectrum of elements, including budgeting, leases, home repairs, maintenance, neighbor relations, renters' rights and more. In addition to offering this 8-module curriculum to the families we serve through our programs, we have also contracted out with other partners, like Ready for Life and Housing Authority of Brevard County, to offer this service for their own clients. For more information about this initiative, please email

Elevate Brevard: Cocoa

In January 2021, Family Promise of Brevard became involved with Community Leaders in Action to address the cycle of poverty in Brevard County. From those meetings, Family Promise of Brevard agreed to become the backbone organization for Elevate Brevard, a collective impact model that brings together sector area leaders to address barriers to post-secondary attainment and increase access to training and upskilling opportunities that lead to economic mobility. A priority is placed on underserved communities and financially vulnerable individuals, including those living in households below the Federal Poverty Level and the ALICE population, or "working poor", as defined by the United Way. For more information email Dr. Synthia Doaks at 

Healthcare Navigation

In 2016, homelessness cost our community $27 million dollars, with $23 million specifically attributed to healthcare. Families experiencing homelessness have a high exposure to interpersonal violence and trauma, and as a result, children often exhibit developmental delays, mental health and learning problems that can go untreated for years. Inadequate assessment and poor access to mainstream services leave homeless families significantly underserved. It is for these reasons that we have partnered with Space Coast Health Foundation and Health First Foundation to focus on access and preventative care. For more information email

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