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Family in Nature


Poverty is a complex problem. It won’t yield to a simple solution. It requires an integrated approach that reaches beyond immediate needs. The Firehouse Model is a collaborative approach to combating poverty in Brevard.

We initiate coordinated local efforts that bring communities together to help families experiencing homelessness regain their housing, their independence, and their dignity.

Every year in America, over 3 million children experience homelessness. These children are 8-9 times more likely to repeat a grade, 3 times more likely to be placed in special education programs, and 7 times more likely to attempt suicide. 42% will drop out of school at some point and 47% suffer from anxiety, depression, or withdrawal.

Our Vision

We believe every family deserves a home, a livelihood, and a chance to build a stronger future. 

Our Mission

We leverage the strengths of our community to empower and elevate families facing homelessness.

Our Core Values


We work tirelessly to ensure that the impact we have transforms communities, empowers our partners and teams, and fosters independence for the families we serve long into the future.

Sustained Impact

Happy Family

We recognize that systems, communities, and organizations are stronger when they combine skills, experiences, and efforts of a diverse group of individuals. We strive for diversity, equity, and inclusivity in all that we do to ensure all families have access to housing and opportunities to succeed.

Inclusive and Equitable


We emphasize the "family" in Family Promise. We are more than shelter-we are a compassionate, caring, and connected network of friends, volunteers, colleagues, and partners all dedicated to serving families in crises. 

Authentic Hospitality


We maximize impact in the communities we serve by leveraging existing resources, driving local and national partnerships, and collaborating with an extensive network of staff and volunteers to power a national movement committed to ending family homelessness.


Family Entertainment

We address the root causes of homelessness and seek to dissolve the issue, not just manage it. With input from families with lived experience, we bring innovative responses to our work that are adaptable and scalable so we can continue to meet the changing needs of families experiencing homelessness.

Strategic Innovation


We commit to listening, learning, and supporting everyone we encounter. We embrace the uniqueness of every person and family and take time to fully understand and validate their perspectives and experiences to shape our work. 

Empathetic Engagement

Family Promise of Brevard is one of more than 200 Family Promise Affiliates across 43 states. Family Promise is the leading national nonprofit addressing the issue of family homelessness.

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