Happy Family


Marcus, Jr.

"The experience and everything that I've been through certainly helped me to see things differently.  I can look at people and not be so judgmental  on them because I don't know what their  personal life is. Family Promise is certainly a great opportunity to take part in.  When I was there is seemed to  bring the  family closer together more than any other place would have.  Family Promise keeps families together."


"Anything I needed, the tools were all right there and it gave me hope that if they were going to put themselves out on a limb and they were going to follow through with all their promises, then I can do this. I can make it and it just inspired me to drive as hard as I could." 


“You guys have helped so many people move into housing. Everyone out there that supports you helps a family move into housing. How cool is that? Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?””