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Shelter Program

Our rotational shelter program and warm hospitality is a foundation of the Family Promise model.

Shelter Program

We offer emergency shelter to families experiencing homelessness through our innovative shelter model;  using existing space like congregations and volunteers motivated by compassion.  Working with community resources, we provide comprehensive and targeted services, including extensive case management, at 1/3 the cost of traditional shelter.  ​And it works!

​On average, 88% of the people served in the shelter program secure housing within an average of 36 days. Our holistic approach ensures we are not only focusing on empowering and educating families around stable housing, but that we are focused on also stabilizing health, education, and income.

Family Promise changes lives. We served over 1,500 parents and children in our shelter program since 2013, giving them the opportunity to stabilize and rebuild a stable home. We also change the lives of our 900 volunteers, giving them a meaningful outreach right in their own communities.

How It Works

We partner with congregations who donate their space for a week at a time, up to four times a year, to be used as safe overnight shelter. Families wake up at the host congregation and then leave for the day after having had a nutritious breakfast and packing lunch for the day. Parents and children then go to work, school, daycare, or our Resource Center to work on their family case plan.   Each evening we transport families from the Resource Center back to the host congregation where they are greeted by volunteers who provide them with a hot meal and safe, overnight accommodations. Families rotate to a different host site weekly.

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