Helping families remain stable in their housing through long-term case management, coaching, and education.  We recognize the inherent opportunity to not only focus on housing stability, but to also address areas that directly impact stability, like health, education and income.


The underlying causes of homelessness are not alleviated simply by providing housing, as crucial as that is. The most successful road back to financial and housing stability includes resources and tools for families to achieve long-term independence.   Our Stabilization Program provides a  variety of services, from family mentoring to case management, that helps ensure families do not slip back into homelessness. It provides families a basis for security and stability that separates families from poverty and allows them and their children to aspire to the future every child deserves.

The program provides a Family Services Specialist for each family for a year. These services include case management, solution-focused therapy, and life skills training. Because our goal is to make sure families are able to maintain housing, we also provide financial coaching, advocacy, and tenancy education. Through properly educating families, we empower them to take hold of their future and leave homelessness in the past. 95% of families served through our Stabilization Program have remained in housing!