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Wings of Grace Ministries asked if we could assist them with a toy drive for the children in the Bahamas who were impacted by Hurricane Dorian back in 2019.

They have been asked to collect and fly in 3,000 Christmas gifts for the very poor children on the island. They will be distributed through their church partners. The government has agreed to waive duty on the toys. This all came about on Friday, so they don't have a lot of time to make a push for toys.

They let us know that any help acquiring toys will be a huge blessing! Toys can come to Wings of Grace headquarters at 444 Grove Lane, Suite 104, Melbourne, FL 32901. Any toys at this point will be welcome, however, since they are flying them over, space is a premium. Smaller toys best. Age groups is from toddlers to teens. Toys can be dropped off or shipped to Wings of Grace directly, not Family Promise of Brevard.

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